Better than a room of one’s own? A local author reflects on the pleasures of writing among friends at AmherstWorks

‘What’s with the old bank in the center of town? What do people actually do in there?”

Around Amherst these days, you often hear some form of these twin questions. I was asking them myself one afternoon early last spring as I sat outside Amherst Coffee, across Amity Street from the Jones Library and its new neighbor, AmherstWorks.

Prompted by my curiosity, I walked across the street and entered what was formerly the ATM vestibule of TD Bank, which vacated the space three years ago (the rear part of the building remains the High Horse restaurant). I was greeted by a friendly, gracious concierge, Mythreyi Krishnan, who took me on a tour of a space that, in the past year, has changed not only the way I work but also how I feel about what I do.

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