National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (UMass)

JANUARY 21 2017: UMass Amherst has put together a team for the first time to compete in the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC):, aiming to make it through the preliminaries into a Northeastern regional competition. In this preliminaries, students form a Blue Team that defends computers in the cloud, while a remote Red team of professionals hack into it.

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS: If you would like to participate, consider volunteering on the White Team – volunteers pretend to be a CEO of a pretend company that the Blue Team has joined. The White Team volunteer takes instructions over the phone from the competition organizers. The instructions are “business injects” like “add 10k accounts to the system, all with bad passwords”, “turn on this faulty email server”, etc etc. The injects are meant to mirror real life requests that happen in business that cause security professionals to pull their hair out. All the while, a Red Team (which is not what we need volunteers for) is hacking. The White Team volunteer can also be critical of the professionalism of the Blue Team. That is, the Blue Team is supposed to pretend they are at work and can’t do anything that would get them fired from a real job. The White Team volunteer can’t make up their own injects during the competition.

Event Details: 3PM onwards on January 21 2017

Register here.

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